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09:36am 13/04/2003
  So I went to see ROH and CZW's Best of the Best last night.

left house - 1:50 pm (4/12/03)
Got home - 3:40 am (4/13/03)

London Vs AmDrag was off the hizee..MOTY so far.

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05:25pm 11/04/2003

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Hitting it Raw Dog and Bare....   
10:03am 14/01/2003
  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love wrestling. I watch it religiously. Tape every show. If my house was on fire, and there was my girlfriend and my wrestling tape collection. I would ask her to grab some tapes on her way out. That being said..Raw blew last night.

I am an advocate of the Woman's division, I think its one of the bright spots of RAW. Jackie is maybe the least over member of the current roster and she doesn't click with anyone. That match was a total trainwreck with Steven Richards running in to atleast save some of it.

I kinda dug the tag match with D-lo/Nowinski Vs. Maven/Test. Nowinski has no problem taking everything on his neck. WWE Continuity issues as Stacy was making out with Maven on Smackdown last year. Test has become quite the servicable big man. D-Lo wins..and all is right in the world.

Raven was a total pro in his match against Jeff Hardy. I don't buy the Hardy is strung out on herion internet hype. I just think he is mediocre at best, he blew a key spot and Raven covered as well as he could.

Shawn O'Haire vignette was creepy and really well done.

Lance and Booker was totally acceptable til the blown finish with the botched ref bump.

Steven Richards has worked so hard to get where he is so I can't say a negative thing about him. He deserves everything he gets.

Steiner benches 585 or something. That's incredible. HHH has really put over Steiner in every segment they have been involved in.

The 4 Way Over the Top Challenge was EH. Just EH. I liked Jericho winning and the ending of the show was a nice little cherry on top.


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08:41am 04/01/2003
  NJPW "WRESTLING WORLD 2003", 1/4/03 (WPW)
Tokyo Dome
50,000 Fans (Sell Out)

1. Osamu Nishimura beat Tatsumi Fujinami (8:10) with a Japanese leg roll clutch hold.
- Student passes the teacher.
2. Young Generation Cup - Semi Final: Yutaka Yoshie beat Shinya Makabe (13:20) with a diving body press.
- Makabe continues to frustrate me, as once a pretty decent junior heavyweight, he returns "bulked" up now a heavyweight..starts off with minimal success against the juniors including some dominating performances teaming with Fujita. Gets hammered by Nagata and now drops this one to Yoshie.
3. Young Generation Cup - Semi Final: Ryushi Yanagisawa beat Kenzo Suzuki (9:23) with a high knee.
- blah...the fanboy in me really wanted a Kenzo victory. For the sake of angles..I guess this was the right thing.
4. Dai Majin & Makai #1 beat Hiro Saito & Tatsutoshi Goto (7:50) when Goto was DQ'd.
- This sounds horrible.
5. Makai #4 & Makai #5 beat Takashi Iizuka & Masahito Kakihara (10:54) when Makai #5 used a springboard knee attack on Iizuka.
- This was most likely decent at worst. I actually want to see this match on tape.
6. Koji Kanemoto, Jushin Thunder Liger & Takehiro Murahama beat Heat, Masayuki Naruse & Tiger Mask 4 (16:10) when Kanemoto used an ankle hold on Naruse.
- Reports say..Team KanLigMura destroyed Naruse and rightfully so...out of the 6 involved he definitely should have been the one taking the fall. Crazy Cyclone that..biatch.
7. Young Generation Cup - Final: Ryushi Yanagisawa beat Yutaka Yoshie (6:48) with a cross armbreaker.
- If they are building towards Yanagisawa battling for leadership of the Makai club..cool. If this is just NJPW feeding another legit opponent to Nagata..not cool.
8. Shinsuke Nakamura & Michiyoshi Ohara beat Tad
ao Yasuda & Kazunari Murakami (7:12) by referee stop (Nakamura beat Yasuda).
9. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima beat Masahiro Chono & Manabu Nakanishi (23:18) when Tenzan used the Tenzan Tombstone Driver on Chono.
- Suposedly Tanahashi came in and dropkicked TenKoji after the match, which will hopefully lead to his head being removed from his shoulders with a lariat at the Wrestle 1 show.
10. NWF Heavyweight Title: Yoshihiro Takayama beat Tsuyoshi Kosaka (10:19) with a knee kick to become the 19th champion.
- Bob Sapp could have actually murdered Takayama and his dead corpse would have won this match.
11. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Yuji Nagata (c) beat Josh Barnett (10:40) with a kneel kick (7th defense).
- Another match I really want to see..

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News and Notes   
08:02am 24/12/2002
  (C: sss)
- One of my personal favorites teams seems now to be over as at Dream WIN Kenzo Suzuki took the microphone after his match, blasting his sworn friend, Hiroshi Tanahashi, for going to discuss his recent situation with Inoki at PRIDE 24 in Fukuoka, rather than his friend in New Japan. Kenzo was tearful as he said this, his long friendship with Tanahashi appearing over. I await their long storied feud as these two are the future ACE's of NJ.

-Finalized Tokyo Dome lineup
Tokyo Dome

1. Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Osamu Nishimura
- Student Vs. Teacher..Nishimura has been incredible all year, should be solid and matastic.
2. Young Generation Cup - Semi Final: Yutaka Yoshie vs. Shinya Makabe
3. Young Generation Cup - Semi Final: Kenzo Suzuki vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa
- I would hope Kenzo goes over, as he has the most to gain from this.
4. Hiro Saito & Tatsutoshi Goto vs. Giant Majin & Makai Mask #1
- Makai Mask #1 is Junji Hirata and Giant Majin is believed to be a returning Giant Silva. this shouldn't steal the show.
5. Takashi Iizuka & Masahito Kakihara vs. Makai Mask #4 & Makai Mask #5
- latest rumot going around is that #4 and #5 are Shibata and Wataru Inoue, 2 New Japan Young Lions.
6. Koji Kanemoto, Jushin Thunder Liger & Takehiro Murahama vs. Heat, Masayuki Naruse & Tiger Mask 4
- This should be really off the hook, great wrestlers on a big show.
7. Young Generation Cup - Final: Yoshie or Makabe vs. Suzuki or Yanagisawa
8. Shinsuke Nakamura & Michiyoshi Ohara vs. Tadao Yasuda & Kazunari Murakami
9. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima vs. Masahiro Chono & Manabu Nakanishi
- TENKOJI! UNITES! ONE! NIGHT! ONLY! Should be incredible..not saying it is gonna be a classic, but given the four involved and the circumstances it should be a sight to see.
10. NWF Heavyweight Title: Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Tsuyoshi Kosaka
11. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Yuji Nagata (c) vs. Josh Barnett
- I expect Nagata to retain, and go on to face Nakanishi, but I wouldn't be totally shocked if Barnett won.

- CZW added Johnny Kashmere Vs. Ric Blade and added Jodie Fleisch to replace a departed M-Dogg20.

- It's funny as JR has been pushing the team of Storm/Regal on his Ross Report every week. They have been pushed down our throats on TV, going over every team on the Raw roster for the most part. So tonight...JR and the King go over on them, I know the circumstances and everything it just seems illogical to me.
- The woman of the WWE continue to me solid, hitting all their spots again. Victoria looked good and Trish has developed as the ACE of the division.
- For the countless week in a row, Raw has produced an extremely good tag match. Smackdown's tag match may have been technically better, but the ones on Raw tell such a better story. All 4 worked really hard.
- It's jesus's birthday tomorrow...I hope someone gets him the gift of NEVER HAVING TO SIT THROUGH A KANE AND RVD PROMO AGAIN.
- Who wasn't waiting for someone's rotator cuff to burst like a water ballon during that arm wrestling challenge? yikes.
- no sooner star press...bah gawd.

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10:03am 23/12/2002
  "12/23/2002- Today's results up. After his match, Ultimo said he would be leaving soon to help improve what he called a lukewarm Jr. situation elsewhere in Japan." (t-monUSA)

from JCWwrestling.com
Rob Eckos
Dave Greco
Jay Lethal
The great blazini
Shawn Sheridan
Damien Dragon

coincidence??? I think not..Ultimo is bringing the Great Blazini in to take over Japan.

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08:25am 23/12/2002
mood: awake
(c: Chicagowrestling.com, sss, )


NJPW "DREAM * WIN", 12/23/02 (SXW)
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,721 Fans (Sell Out)

1. Naofumi Yamamoto beat Ryusuke Taguchi (6:30) with a chickenwing hold.
--- Yamamoto's first win.
A: I have yet to see either..but I hear really good things about Yamamoto, who has a legit background.
2. Dream * Win Jr. Tag Team Tournament - Semi Final: El Samurai & Gedo beat Jushin Thunder Liger & Masayuki Naruse (14:18) when Gedo used a Superfly splash on Naruse.
A: Lyger takes no fall, suckah...not even in a meaningless tourny.
3. Dream * Win Jr. Tag Team Tournament - Semi Final: Masahito Kakihara & Tiger Mask 4 beat Koji Kanemoto & Heat (11:51) when Tiger used a Tiger suplex hold on Heat.
A: This sounds good, Kanemoto's last three opponents all in the same match in some capacity.
4. Shiro Koshinaka & Osamu Nishimura beat Hiro Saito & Tatsutoshi Goto (10:43) when Nishimura used a ground Cobra Twist on Goto.
5. Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Manabu Nakanishi & Yutaka Yoshie beat Kenzo Suzuki, Blue Wolf & Toru Yano (19:14) when Nakanishi used an Argentine backbreaker on Yano.
A: I really wish they would of gave defacto KOTH's the win, but I'm just a dreamer.
6. Dream * Win Jr. Tag Team Tournament - Final: El Samurai & Gedo beat Masahito Kakihara & Tiger Mask 4 (11:37) when Samurai used a chickenwing armlock on Tiger.
A: 11 minutes...bah
7. Yuji Nagata beat Takashi Iizuka (13:52) with a wrist-clutch Exploder.
A: I haven't seen recent Iizuka, so I am not sure if he has regained form completely. Should have been decent at worst.

- That crazy old man Onita now is petitioning for a no-roped barbwire death match on the 1/19 Wrestle-2 Show...again BOB SAPP. That would be the greatest bad match ever.

- Main news out of RevPro's show on the 22nd, was Taro defeating Super Dragon in 19:46 to win the Revolution Pro Jr. Heavyweight Title.

-One of Chicago's up and coming superstars Double M broke his fibula in his right leg at LWF's Bloodbath in a ladder match. Acid, the Mimic and a returning Vic Capri were also involved in that match. Magnificant Mike attempted to superkick Capri while he was attempting a moonsault when the injury occured. GWS

- To read Josh Prohibition's latest commentary on why he left CZW for XPW go here: http://www.joshprohibition.com/home.html

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03:22am 22/12/2002
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(credit XPWrestling.com)
- During J-Love's singing of the national anthem, Julio Dinero popped out of a big gift box and techno music turned on. He ripped off his clothes and grinded her only in a thong! As J-Love ran away, Chris Candido came out ran down Dinero about entertaining and not wrestling. Dinero slapped Candido for his remarks. Segment ended with Julio Dinero throwing Chris Candido through the gifts in the set.
(blah...J-Love is Valentina, and the world could go without the "Party Boy" Julio Dinero gimmick)

- Chris Hamrick defeats Shark Boy
Tracy Smothers came out half way into the match to help Chris Hamrick. Shark Boy got the Diamond Dust, but Smothers distracted the referee. Chris Hamrick won with a second rope powerbomb.
(THE SOUTH IS RISING! watch out racial minorites as we know that angle is coming)

- Danny Doring defeats XPW Television Champion Kaos (w/ G.Q. Money & Veronica) via DQ with Special Referee Bill Alfonso
Veronica Caine tried to interfere, but was superkicked by Fonzy. Kaos hit Doring with brassknuckles, and got the 3 count. After the match, Bill Alfonso noticed the brassknuckles and awarded the match to Danny Doring. Kaos knocked out Alfonso after the match with the knucks.

(That sounds like the makings of the worst mixed tag ever.)

- 4 Way for XPW TV Title Shot: Jerry Lynn vs. Joey Mathews vs. Jonny Storm vs. Zebra Kid
Storm lands a moonsault near the eagle's nest. Jonny Storm pins Zebra Kid, first man eliminated. Jerry Lynn pins Joey Mathews after a Cradle Driver. Down to two men, Jerry Lynn and Jonny Storm. Jerry Lynn went for the Cradle Driver, Storm wiggled out and hit the X-Factor. Finnigan counted the double pin, both Jerry Lynn and Jonny Storm will face Kaos for this XPW TV Championship at Aftermath!

(Kaos is XPW's golden boy even though he is half the wrestler he used to be, and half as talented as the other two that will be dragging his ass to a decent match)

- House of Horrors Match (Supreme defeats KOTDM Champion Altar Boy Luke)
Various weapons are suspended from the top of the arena, including a table with salt, metal chairs, a mailbox. Ringside there are various weapons including a bed of mousetraps! Luke was busted open by Supreme, the medic bandaged him up and the match continued. Supreme tooka back bump on mousetraps. Luke spread thumbtacks on the canvas and layed Supreme out onto the thumbtacks. Supreme gets bandaged up by the medic, match continues. Luke pours salt into Supreme's wound on his head. Luke lays a mailbox on Supreme's face, swings on the chances from one turnbuckle to the next and kicks the mailbox into Supreme's face! Table suspended, Luke was powerbombed through it onto thumbtacks. Supreme crucified Luke, and Supreme nailed him three chair shots. Medic stops the match, Supreme wins and becomes the NEW King of the Deathmatch Champion!

(nothing says Christmas like a crucifixition)

After the match, lights went out and Devon Storm was standing over Luke's body. He carries him to the back.. what does this mean?

- Tracy Smothers comes out and riles up the fans. Angel makes his way down and the next match is started!

- Tracy Smothers defeats "Hardcore Homo" Angel
Smothers says Shane Douglas was taking XPW to new places. He saw homo's backstage that couldn't wrestle. Angel answers his challenge! Shark Boy attempts to raid the ring, but Atlas Secruity took him out. Chris Hamrick helps Smothers get the win. They lay out Angel, when Shark Boy comes out with a chair and clears house. Shark Boy and Angel are now a team!

(random indy wrestlers UNITE!)

- Tag Team Championship: Youthanazia (formerly M-Dogg 20 & Josh Prohibition) defeat Champions Mexico's Most Wanted
Mexico's Most Wanted comes out to the ring, as the lights go out. Eminen's "Lose Yourself" hits. The lights turn back on and it's Matt and Josh! Matt breaks up the Montezuma's revenge. Josh Prohibition hits a T-bone suplex, then Matt hits a Shooting Star Press for the 3 count! New Tag Team Champions, Youthanazia (Matt and Josh)!

(XPW just upgraded their tag division significantly..Prohibition is really becoming impressive and M-Dogg is an amazingly athlete)

- Psicosis defeats Chris Chetti
Psicosis took care of Super Crazy who came in during the match. After the match, both men attacked each other and were pulled apart.
(yuck..remember when Psicosis was just off the hook all the time?)

- Pogo the Clown defeats The Sandman (Titanium Dipped Shovel)
Pogo powerbombed The Sandman off the top rope through a guardrail. Lori turned on The Sandman and caned him! Pogo his The Sandman with the shovel, match over!

- XPW World Heavyweight Championship: World Champion "The Franchise" Shane Douglas defeats Vic Grimes (w/ Lucy)
Chants of "I Love Lucy" break out during the beginning of the match. Shane Douglas wins with a belly to belly suplex. A lot of catfighting between the two women, Lizzy was put through a table propped up in the corner by Vic Grimes.

(What's the point of pushing Grimes, if they are just gonna keep jobbing him clean as sheet to Douglas every month?)

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11:30pm 20/12/2002
  The duck clothesline neckbreaker combo has replaced the DDT as the most overdone move in wrestling. It's disgusting.

God Bless the WWE Woman's divison. There is nothing better than surgerical enhanced women working tight with each other and showing improvement every single match. Trish is the most improved wrestler of 2002.

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12:45pm 18/12/2002
  I heart wrestling.  

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